It’s Important That You Find Quality Home Care… Why Choose Dudley’s?

Services We Provide

Home Care, Transitional Care, Bath Service, Transportation, Medical Staff Relief


Dudley’s Home Care Employment – CNA Home Care Positions

Let us introduce ourselves

Family Owned and Operated

Dudley’s Home Care is family-owned and operated for over three decades. Proudly independent and not bound by franchise affiliations, we prioritize traditional family values in every aspect of our services. At Dudley’s Home Care, our core philosophy revolves around treating our clients with the same level of care and consideration that we would extend to our own family members. This deep-seated belief forms the essence of our mission and sets us apart in the realm of home care services.

People caring for people

For over 30 years

People need to feel safe and comfortable when it comes to home care. We understand that remaining in the comfort of your own home plays a large role in achieving this goal. Here at Dudley’s Home Care, our mission’s key aspect is facilitating smooth mental and physical transitions for our clients. Whether you or a cherished family member is grappling with an illness, managing a disability, or recovering from a recent hospital stay, Dudley’s Home Care is here with the solution.


What People Say About Dudley’s Home Care

“I cannot think of a time when Dudley’s has not been in our family’s life to help us through all the trying times with our father and 20 years later our Mother. We have come to love our caregivers as our family and the comfort they have offered us has meant the world. Dudley’s is always there and has never said no or can’t to any last-minute request. I would highly recommend Dudley’s to anyone needing extraordinary care for their loved ones!”

“I’ve been at Dudley’s Home Care for 8 years and I love it! It’s the best job I’ve ever had. My employer is fair and the company is always willing to work with you. I also think they really care about their clients and employees. I plan on working at Dudley’s until I retire. I love the work I do and there is no other company I would rather do it for!”

“Dudley’s Home Care has truly been a Godsend for us! The grace with which all of the office staff conducts itself is truly inspiring. I really appreciate the loving and kind way that my daughter is always treated – like family! Thank you for all you do!”

“Dudley’s Home Care has been providing twice-daily visits for my father, who struggles with some of his activities of daily living. They have shown great care and concern for him, and also for us, his family. Londa has really listened to our concerns and gone above and beyond what has been expected in order to make sure everything my father might need is taken care of. She is very communicative with us, so we always know what is going on.”

“Dudley’s Home Care has gone above and beyond to provide great care for my father. They have been very responsive to any problems or questions that arise, and are helping him to live independently for as long as possible. Their compassion extends not only to my father, but to our whole family.”

“Working for Dudley’s Home Care has been an awesome experience! I have worked for 4 different agencies during my 24 years in this business, and I can say that I have never worked for a better organization! They are always so willing to work with and accommodate your needs as far as scheduling and hours are concerned. I truly LOVE MY JOB!!!”

“When I got to where I couldn’t take care of myself, Sandy and Chasney helped me get the care that I needed. They sent me a great caregiver and they stay in touch to make sure that I’m ok. Life is so much better now. Thank you Dudley’s.”

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